Our remit is to help architects fulfil designs involving the highest degree of creativity.

Whether to build iconic, eye catching exteriors or specific elements of interior design, the scope now exists to supply the very best metal finishes in Stainless Steel, Zinc, Copper and Aluminium.

Interior design features using stainless steel, for example, can provide visual or, in the case of elevator shafts, washrooms and kitchens, practical value.

We back these up by supplying key accessories such as vapour barriers, underlays, insulation, fixings, flashings and specialist tools used for fabrication, soldering and installation. Aspects of a build for which we provide support include…

Concept and design

Project costing

Engineering system design

Supply and installation (including provision of individual specifications)

Fire resistance

Cover widths, pitches and spans

Weather resistance, wind resistance and service temperatures

Thermal and acoustic performance

Dimensional stability

Environmental performance, recycling and waste water

Regulatory requirements and building standards

Underlays, vapour barriers and breather membranes



MBT Zinc and Copper Building Metal Products Trading LLC can provide advice on the design, fabrication and installation of materials used in fully supported systems as well as substrate design and construction, vapour control layers and underlays. These may involve use of timber boarding or plywood in addition to pressure-resistant insulation or composite panels. Information supplied will enable a designer to specify the most appropriate material while ensuring that roofs provide long-term weathertightness. Metal roofing systems can be used at virtually any pitch but we strive to ensure that best practice is recommended to ensure systems achieve and indeed exceed their projected design life.

Systems are available for cold and warm roof construction so critical advice is always provided in relation to corrosion resistance, particularly of a metal’s underside. In relation to the exposed area of any roof many metals develop a self-protecting patina, the result of natural oxidization of either raw metal or ‘pre-weathered’ surfaces. Guidance on appropriate materials can be pivotal in respect of weathering and the ultimate appearance of a building. From its initial natural colour, for example, copper may take 20 years or more to take on its final aged verdigris finish. Zinc in particular can be supplied materials in colours which match the patinated appearance.

In situations of extreme temperature variation, installation and fabrication can be adversely affected. Metalbox Technology (MBT) will provide design and on-site guidance to avoid problems relating to movement of the metal, minimum fabrication temperatures, cold working fatigue, soldering and roof fixings.

Full specifications are provided covering facets such as fascias, soffits, gutters, joints, fixing clips / cleats and details such as abutments, roof windows, cappings, edge trims and flashings.