Perforated plates & embossed plates by Moradelli metal design.

When it comes to perforated plates, embossed plates and a combination of embossed perforations, we are your right contact. For standard shapes to almost any conceivable custom-made design, Moradelli and MBT are ready for you. When it comes to your ideas, the sky’s the limit and we will solve it with you.

Be inspired, take advantage of the individual perforation examples and designs, or compile your own perforated or embossed plate pattern!

Manufacturing possibilities:

Bending machine – Straightening machine – Stamping/laser combination – Water jet cutting – Stamping/nippling machine – Perforation machine.

Many decades of experience ensure the best quality. Therefore, companies like Audi count on Moradellis know-how.

Perforated and embossed finished products

A unique combination of tradition and technology

Moradelli has been joining its long family tradition with the most modern production technologies since 1794.